Submissions Info

Follow this process to submit your film:

  • Complete the submission form, being sure you have actually read and agree to the "Louisiana Film Channel Terms For Content Providers".
  • Provide a URL for your film to be reviewed.
  • Upon acceptance you will be provided with instructions to upload your full resolution video file.
  • All full resolution video files must be properly closed captioned.
  • Note that original Louisiana films receive priority.
Accepted local films produced in Louisiana are eligible for the television show with an interview by the owner of the film, and all accepted films are eligible for viewing our online subscription service.

Industry groups who have multiple members submit accepted work may invited to an interview segment about the group on the TV show.

Our agreement is non-binding so the filmmaker can show and do with their film as they wish while it is airing on the LFC show.

There is a 30 day notice requirement if for some reason a filmmakers wishes to pull their film from LFC production.

For more information email .